eVolution Cloud Solutions

Evolution our cloud service offers Software, Application, Storage or Computing power as a service. Cloud computing is cost- effective way to run your business.

In the past, organizations had to make large capital investments in expensive server hardware with sufficient capacity and horsepower to cover peak times of the year. In most cases these servers were under-utilized the overwhelming majority of the time. The new cloud computing model allows businesses and consumers to pay for computing resources that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs

Evolution Cloud Services:

  • Adaptable - grow your capabilities and applications inline with your business
  • Custom-made - to suit your company perfectly
  • Mobile - empower and collaborate from any Internet-enabled device
  • Cost-effective - efficient technology improves your bottom line


Evolution Cloud Services include powerful tools to increased productivity, including:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange - Enhance your company with business e-mail and collaboration tools like shared calendars, contacts and tasks, public folders, and email at your chosen domain. Also, add on BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices - all for a flat fee.
  • Hosted QuickBooks - Together with Hosted Exchange, Quickbooks is perfect for smaller companies wanting accounting and invoicing. Track your expenses, Send professional invoices, Know the state ofyour business and Work together wherever. Store documents online, review files, and manage your business with this powerful tool.
  • Web Hosting - Web design services to help you achieve your goals; from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting.

Our Cloud solutions can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, increase efficiency and organization, or leverage your technology investments, Evolution is Bermuda's 1st and best Cloud Services and are the solution you've been looking for.