Whether you have an immediate short-term technical project or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, ICS is here for you. For almost twenty-five years, we’ve been helping organizations like yours leverage technology for their benefit. With our staff of certified technical and network support professionals, we have the resources and expertise to overcome any IT challenge that you may have — quickly and efficiently.

  • Strategic Consulting - Technology Strategy helps business leaders plan and deploy IT for the most value, guiding their technology agenda and positioning the IT organization and the business for the future. ICS Bringing together business and IT perspectives, we assist organizations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing holistic, integrated technology strategies and plans that address the needs of the whole enterprise.
  • Infrastructure Services - With the ongoing emergence of new technologies, many IT departments are under pressure. As organizations face significant challenges, such as rising stakeholder expectations, flat or declining budgets, or increased globalization, they are turning to IT as a means to shape their business future. At the core of ICS’s business is our Infrastructure consultancy - helping revolved around its technology solutions, which are tailored to help clients identify issues, and to provide end-to–end solutions for them. Our clients by providing technology enable solutions. These include design, development and implementation of solutions, as well as systems integration and IT application development.
  • Cloud Solutions – Evolution our cloud Service offers Software, Application, Storage or Computing power as a service. Cloud computing is cost-effective way to run your business. In the past, organizations had to make large capital investments in expensive server hardware with sufficient capacity and horsepower to cover peak times of the year. In most cases these servers were under-utilized the overwhelming majority of the time. The new cloud computing model allows businesses and consumers to pay for computing resources that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs.