Fifth Step Bermuda offers FREE cyber security checks

Prevention Is Key: Fifth Step Bermuda highlights FREE online Cyber Security Risk Health Check as recent reports show a marked increase in corporate attacks

Fifth Step Bermuda, creators of the online Cyber Security Health Check, are today urging Bermuda companies to take up their offer of a free assessment of current corporate security protocols as part of, what should be, an ongoing plan of real-time improvements.

Just last week, at the Bermuda Captive Conference, delegates were urged to take a cross-organizational, rather than solely IT, approach to the problem as cyber threats are a risk to the whole company.  KPMG told conference attendees that cyber security should now fall under the CEO’s remit.


“Implementing cyber security procedures and technologies should now be a fundamental part of the overall strategic planning and budget forecasting process for the most senior company executives, “ says Stephen Bull, Managing Director of Fifth Step Bermuda. “The threats to an organization exist every second of every day in every part of the world. Protecting systems and data should no longer be just an IT deliverable. Entire companies need to have cyber security as part of their corporate DNA.”

The Fifth Step Bermuda on-line Cyber Security Risk Health Check has been designed by senior executives that serve the Lloyds of London insurance market. The team’s credentials are based on long-serving careers in the insurance, reinsurance and financial services markets in Europe and the US.  They also assist Bermuda entities as Fifth Step Bermuda.

Darren Wray is the CEO of Fifth Step, based in London. He says, “For many years we have worked inside international corporations bridging the gap between IT and business, and never before has there been such a need for far-reaching cyber security protocols and procedures.  Cyber attacks are devastating when they happen and we have seen first-hand the corporate fallout.”

The Fifth Step Bermuda online Cyber Security Risk Health Check is FREE to Bermuda businesses of all sizes that wish to assess their exposure to cyber security risk. ”Participants have nothing to loose, and everything to gain, from completing this online check,” says Mr. Wray.  The results of the Fifth Step Bermuda Cyber Security Risk Health Check are presented in a detailed report directly to the participating company individual responsible for assessing the current security status for their organization.

The Fifth Step Bermuda Cyber Security Health Check focuses on a number of key areas such as Secure Configuration, Information Risk Management, User Account Management and Out of Office Working.

The link for the Fifth Step Bermuda Cyber Security Health Check registration is

Access to Fifth Step Bermuda’s Cyber Security Risk Health Check is by invitation (companies will need to complete an online form to be sent a code). Bermuda firms wishing to undertake this confidential health check will need to provide valid company email addresses as Hotmail and other generic emails will not comply.

“In researching and developing our online health check,  what we found was that many companies just don’t know which solutions to implement and conversely how best to assess their risks,” says Mr Wray. “The Fifth Step Bermuda Cyber Security Risk Health Check helps organizations to provide an area-by-area assessment to use as a blue-print for helping to mitigate corporate risk and exposure.”

Fifth Step encompasses offices in London, Bermuda and New York, providing strategic transatlantic services for the insurance, reinsurance and financial services sector specializing in IT Officers, Change Management and Corporate Governance and Compliance. In Bermuda it partners with Independent Consulting Solutions (ICS), one of the oldest established IT consultancies on this island.  ICS provides its clients with hardware and software procurement, on-site professional services, as well as being and HP Warranty Service Centre and a partner of Microsoft and Check Point.

The Fifth Step Bermuda partnership was announced in July 2013. Through the Fifth Step brand both companies are working with their international clients in Bermuda, London and New York, providing a range of services from global business and IT alignment, to IT governance, IT audits, ITIL reviews and PMO services.

Fifth Step Bermuda guides its clients to take a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach to business and IT future planning. Implementing CSI as a part of a company’s planning framework ultimately ensures that key operational areas live and co-exist together under a fundamental, ongoing, best-practices umbrella.  Implementing CSI means that senior executives can rely on knowing that their teams are doing everything possible to naturally ensure the necessary efficiencies and economies are in place to underpin and maximize future growth.

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