International Director & Client Relationship Management - Glyn Hoskins-Turner

Glyn Hoskins-Turner is International Director, Client Relationship Management and is based in London.  She has an extensive Bermuda C-Suite and senior IT contacts book based on working in the industry for 15 + years. Glyn is a Bermuda Development Agency (BDA) Abroad Ambassador and an Advocate for Bermuda and its unique position as a centre of excellence for Insurance, Reinsurance, Captive Management, ILS, Banking and Financial Services. Glyn flies to Bermuda regularly for client meetings and gives Independent Consulting Solutions a unique edge in having on-the-ground client support for on-island companies with business interests in the UK and Europe. Having lived in Bermuda for 10 years up until 2007, she has a deep understanding of the Island’s corporate and regulatory landscape. Glyn is geographically well-placed to access the Lloyds market and clients based in the City of London. Her specific skills are focused on identifying, through analysis and discussion, whether business and IT strategies are in alignment, or need work.